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Accessories and Style

One of my favourite accessories is earrings. Why? Because it is one of the first few things that people notice when they talk to you. I have a collection of earrings and what I love most about it is that I can mix and match different colours and styles to create my style. Sometimes when i wear a plain black dress and a statement earring or accessory I feel a thousand dollars!

Earrings have originated from the Middle East as far back as 3000 BC. Back in those days, accessories were a clue to the wearer’s social status, religious stance or tribal identity. But now, it is more of a fashion statement. It is a clue to the wearer’s style and taste.

I learned that there are different types of earrings that complement different outfits, and can also flatter one’s face shape.

Basic Styles

1. Chandelier Earrings- They are very popular with celebrities. As the name implies, these are earrings that have multi-level branches  that hang from the earring base. Made from a variety of materials it can come in gold, silver, beaded, or with gems. These earrings will best suit a heart-shaped or round face.

2. Hoop Earrings- These earrings can come in different sizes but the main look is that of a gypsy or someone exotic such as celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Pussycat doll Nicole Scherzinger. These earrings will best suit an oblong face or square face.

3. Studs- Classy and elegant, stud earrings are a favourite for formal events. It can come in pearls, diamonds, gems. These will best suit an oval face however will suit any face shape.

4. Drop- The main idea of the drop earrings is to elongate the face so this will best suit a round face. Drop earrings can be fancy, with gems and charms.

I do believe that one should have one statement accessory for every outfit. Having one focal point is more stylish than going over the top. I still prefer simple yet classy when I put my style together. However I try not to stick to one style too long. I challenge myself, sometimes I wear something I don’t normally wear , I feel like a new woman and friends really do notice! Happy Shopping!

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